Lebelage Charcoal cleansing Foam

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Size: 100ml. Made in Korea. ISO Approved. Quality guaranteed by SAMSUNG

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Aloe barbadensis juice, veronica officinalis, peppermint, purslane, mallow, chamomile and rose water for a comprehensive care of the epidermis.


  1. It’s an herbal cleanser and face wash whose main ingredient is charcoalĀ  an environmentally friendly product of natural origin, a natural absorbent, rich in a huge amount of nutrients and trace elements.
  2. The tool will be especially relevant for use by owners of oily, combination skin, prone to imperfections and improper functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  3. Not only helps to calm and relax skin, but also gives the complexion a fresh and revitalized complexion.
  4. Works against skin acne, dead cells, pores clean waterproof makeup removal as well as wrinkles etc.
  5. It is recommended for those who wish to have a feeling of moisture without drying after cleansing, those who are skinny at the turn of the year, and those who have lost skin and tired skin.
  6. It gives Deep Cleansing in the pore and brightened the skin gradually.


Put appropriate amount on hand to make rich foam,massage gently over face and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


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